Friday, September 26, 2008

Week 9/15-9/19/08

This week we studied, "How to Bake an Apple Pie and See the World." (We are selecting texts from FIAR volume I)

The story is cute, but the humor seemed to be missed by my girls. Even when I tried to point it out. But they enjoyed acting it out and discussing the illustrations.

We have decided to get a bit more formal, yet still have fun with the vocabulary. I wrote all the words and K (age 5) matched them with pictures that represented the meanings. At the end of the week we glued them in the vocabulary section of her binder. We included a pictures and a written definition as well. She really enjoyed this and loved using new words during the week!

The girls took an art class being offered at the local library. It was great and really reinforced the elements of shape they had been learning. They used some of the elements to create a cake. K's is pictured on the top and T's is on the bottom!

Our week at home was definitely overshadowed by the Science Center field trip. I had no idea how tired I would be. I definitely learned that if we do a field trip, we will consider it school for the day. We were way too zonked to do much else!

The girls did draw a picture and write about their trip. K (age 5) had to write her own sentences this time, so it was brief. But she did it all on her own, though I did have to spell dinosaur for her!

I liked the dinosaur room. I learned about dinosaurs.

T (age 4) dictated to me what she wanted to say. It totally cracked me up. She was clearly a bit concerned about the dinosaurs and seemed to be convincing herself that they were no longer around:

This is when dinosaurs were real. Then dinosaurs were all gone. Then we had a fun time when the dinosaurs were all gone. Poppy came and there were no dinosaurs. Then all of the neighborhood said there were no dinosaurs in the whole world.

And the picture? The dinosaur is there on the left hand side. He is attacking a very unhappy T (age 4). Now, who is that smiling on the right hand side? Apparently that is T's mommy, who is happy to be outside because the dinosaur is inside. (it doesn't seem to bother mommy that the creature is eating one of her children...details...)

Friday AM left us feeling quite tired, so we did our morning board upstairs. In our PJ's.

It made me glad that I am homeschooling. The girls were having a ball playing in my bedroom. In laundry baskets. And I didn't want to disturb all of the creativity flowing, so I let them. We worked school into the game right there on the bedroom floor! It was great fun!

We never did get to bake our apple pie, but we'll have to get back to it. It was supposed to be the conclusion of our book study this week, seeing as we have spent 2 week studying apples....oh well...

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Johanna said...

ahhh yes, flexibilty is the most awesome perk of homeschooling!!! love the pics of them on the blankets...Isabella made one of those blankets last year! It was a hit!