Monday, September 29, 2008

ABC Bible Verses

We have continued to work through the ABC bible verses by Susan Hunt.

We are keeping track of our verses on a poster that hangs in the kitchen. Each week we try to create a visual reminder of the verse to add on our poster. This way we have all of our previously learned verses easily accessible to us.

B - Blessed are the peacemakers

We created a happy face/sad face that is fastened to a piece of paper with a paper fastener. Because peace makers work to make others happy and the environment around them pleasant, we turned our frowns upside down.

C - Children obey your parents in all things.

We used the analogy Lisa Whelchel described in her book, "Creative Correction". She explained to her children that when they obeyed her, they remained under her umbrella of protection. But when they chose to disobey, they chose to step out from under the umbrella and there could be consequences that she couldn't prevent. This is similar to our obedience to God which keeps us under the umbrella of His protection.

The girls drew themselves under the umbrella with a smile and outside the umbrella with a frown.

D - Do everything without complaining or disputing.

I explained to the girls that complaining and disputing were signs of a heart that was unhappy and ungrateful. We need to pray for happy hearts that are thankful. We decided together that if anyone complained, they had to immediately say something they were thankful for. And honestly, it has been quite effective.

If they complain about dinner, they need to thank mom for something on their plate. If they complain about a job, they need to say something they are thankful for about our home. If they argue with a sibling, they each share a reason they are thankful for that sibling.

And in case they forget some of the things that made their hearts happy and thankful, each girl filled in a list. We can pull it out and refer to it if needed. This helps them remember some of the things they are thankful for.

On our poster, we just added a heart and colored it to make it "happy".

Our poster looks like this so far and we are going to add a small "trigger" each week so that we can review our verses.

This week will are going to continue with the next verse:

E - Even a child is known by his (her) actions.

I am going to put a wallet picture of each of them on a rectangle. They will list some of the qualities that God tells us His children should be known for. We'll add the rectangles to our poster.


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

I totally need to get this book! OR, you should host a giveaway... (wink)

We have been searching for ways to help our kids hide the Word in their hearts.

Johanna said...

CUTE! Oh, I dont remember if there is a verse in that book about being careful with your words...but, if there is : a great object lesson is to get them each a little tube of toothepast (travel size) and tell them to squeeze it out on to a saucer plate...then they have to try and get it all back in the tube!!!! LOL
That is how hard it is to take back our words....that is why we need to choose them wisely!
Love ya!

mom24 said...

These are great! Perfect for their age when they can soak up so much of His truth!

Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments said...

that's a great idea Mary. I've been debating on getting that book (it's been sitting in my Amazon cart forever...). I might have to email you later about the craft ideas if I take the plunge and buy it! :)