Thursday, September 4, 2008

Child Art Book Recommendations

As we have pursued the study of Art in this house, here are some recent findings:

The USBORNE playtime series contains two books we have recently purchased:

I can draw animals and I can draw people. These "how to" books are PERFECT for the little ones in this house. The instructions are simple and step-by-step. The illustrations are fun and colorful! Both of these books work well with our instruction on the five basic elements of shape: dot, circle, straight line, curved line, angle.

The series has some other fun titles such as, I can Crayon. There is a Christmas List being made in this house!

A wise, knowledgeable, and creative homeschooling mom had this book on her sidebar. It looked intriguing, so we picked it up at the library. I LOVE it! It is an "I spy book" with famous paintings and drawings on the right side and an "I spy" challenge on the left side. There is so much great discussion to be had while reading this book!


Momma Roar said...

I have those first two and we love them (got them from paperbackswap!)

I've requested the other one from the library - can't wait! :)

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

wise, knowledgeable, and creative?!
Glad you liked that book, though! Micklethwait has some other art books that are sometimes hard to find, but always very fun! We've enjoyed those for years.
Those How to Draw books look good, too. Might have to put those on our Christmas list as well!