Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rabbit Trail of Rocks

We took our first homeschooling rabbit trail today...

It began last night on a walk with daddy. The girls gathered some rocks at the river. First thing this morning they began asking to paint their rocks. I told them that they had to wait until D (19 months) took his nap.

But in the meantime, after our morning work, I got on I searched for some activities/information on rocks and found this. I didn't have any intention on doing every aspect of this activity, but I quickly printed a few pages.

Before the painting would commence in the afternoon, we did some study of our rocks. The girls filled out a chart describing them and had a great time looking at them up close with our magnifying glasses!

When D naps, we'll get to paint them...but here's to our first rabbit trail and many more to come!


Just Mom said...

Awesome, Mary. And I love painting rocks with Just Son.

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

First let me just say I LOVE rabbit trails! We are currently on one about Yorkshire; we recently went on one about chemical changes... fun fun fun of the reasons we homeschool, right?

Second, woo hoo on your online-lesson-plan find. I do that all the time. Just got to remember to bookmark the good sites.

Third, cool rocks, girls! Post some pics when they're all painted!

mom24 said...

Another plus for homeschooling!

Johanna said...

ahhhh, the beauty of homeschooling...following interests! Making memories!