Thursday, September 18, 2008

Johnny Appleseed Unit (9/8-9/12/08)

We had a fun week learning about Johnny Appleseed! This week was a huge improvement from the previous week as we began to find our groove.

After reading a book about Johnny Appleseed, we created puppets from paper bags. K, age 5, really got into this and drew some apple trees for a background in a puppet theater. We moved the toy chest forward and they got behind it to put on a show. K narrated the show while T, age 4, worked the puppet.

What would a week on Johnny Appleseed be without some apple taste testing? So that is what we did for dessert one night after dinner. The winners? Gayla and Fuji around this house. (after some imput from friends we hunted down Honey Crisp Apples and Jazz Apples to try this week)

Lest you think little D (age 19 months) missed out on the fun, here he is at the apple testing table. Of course, he really wasn't interested in trying them, but enjoyed sitting for a few moments.

A friend of mine and I were chatting one night and we laughed about bobbing for apples. But hey, why not? I let the girls bob for some slices in the kitchen sink. There are some great shots of this, but for obvious reasons I can't include them...shirts were taken off to prevent getting soaked.

The week ended with a fabulous trip to the local "Pick-Your-Own" Farm. I'll post pictures in my next post, as there are many!

One other little heart warming event this week was this moment:

K and T were watching a video. It was one of the Animated Stories of the New Testament. During the show, K got her bible to find the story in it. Once she did, she read it to T as the video played in the background. It was absolutely precious.


Jolanthe said...

yummy apple tasting!! my kiddos would love that!

we're hoping to head to the orchard next week if my mom is able to come visit again.

love the Bible story too!

weavermom said...

Looks like fun - glad you are finding a good groove! :)