Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wrap up: Science

We had a fun year in science, though I think it was my "weakest link".

The Classical Conversations experiments were way over my girls heads, although they were cool.

Since I hadn't bought a science curriculum of sorts, we kinda of put together our own little chats and studies from FIAR. Looking back, we did more than I thought but it felt haphazard.

One of my favorite times with the girls was doing our study of animal classifications. We had a great time reading books on each category of animal and then drawing our own representations of animals in those categories. We did this over a three week period and it sure was fun!

We had a great time coloring together. (yes, mommy made a page for each animal too) It was one of those activities that makes you glad you are homeschooling. Laughing and chatting, we colored and named our animals.

The results were worth saving. Here are a few of K's:





So what is the plan for next year?

We have joined a co-op with an amazing science program. Both of the girls will have a science notebook/journal appropriate to their grade level. They will do science every week at co-op and then have homework and reports to prepare at home.

It'll be nice having a more formal curriculum for science! I have seen this program in action and it looks like a ton of fun!!!

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