Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wrap Up: History

This year we focused mainly on US History. Each month we skipped FIAR for a week and studied a topic in history through literature.

Our studies included Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims, Women's History, Martin Luther King Jr., and various presidents. Many of K's level 2 readers covered topics about immigration and westward expansion.

K was very interested in Thanksgiving this year. We talked about the history of this holiday at Thanksgiving time and also during our study of Abraham Lincoln. During Women's History Month, we read more about Sarah J. Hale, the woman who petitioned the presidents for years until Lincoln finally made Thanksgiving a national holiday.

In addition, the girls memorized 24 history sentences at Classical Conversations which all had to do with US History. I think the knowledge of these important dates will serve them well in the future.

Finally, we memorized the order of the presidents. I hope to add to that knowledge next year with some basic information about specific presidents.

So what is in store for next year?

Our main History/Geography curriculum will come from, Galloping the Globe. We will study Asia, Antarctica, and Europe. The girls will receive a great overview of the continents, explorers, and general mapping skills. We will look more in depth at particular countries and learn about important historical events and people related to that country. For example, while studying China, I have no doubt that we will study the Great Wall of China.

I am really looking forward to our year. My main goal is for the girls to develop a deeper understanding of and passion for God's world and His people.


Jenny said...

How awesome! I will have to check out your links for ideas for us for next year.

Jolanthe said...

LOL - hmmm....great continents to study! ;)

Did you use something to help learn the order of the presidents - I could use a little help myself!