Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wrap Up: Phonics

K did a great job making progress through her Explode the Code Books for phonics.

She took the Post Test for Book three and only spelled one word wrong in the dictation: "sail" (I had her correct it)

Her original spelling was "sael". Those darn ea and ai words were tough in this book. She reads them just fine, but spelling is much more difficult.

She second guessed her spelling of "road" and her second try was correct!

What is in store for phonics next year?

We will continue in the Ordinary Parents Guide for Teaching Reading. This has been a great daily exercise to make sure we hit all of our phonics rules. We are just about halfway through right now, so we should finish next year.

K will continue working through the Explode the Code books as well, beginning in the fall with book 4.

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