Monday, May 25, 2009

Wrap Up: Art

Our year was spent doing a lot of crafts and art projects.

During a 6 week period at Classical Conversations, we studied six American Artists using the book, Discovering Great Artists. I loved this book and will continue to use it.

This year we studied Grandma Moses, Norman Rockwell, Georgia O'Keeffe, Andrew Wyeth, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jim Davis. After learning about the artist and looking at his/her work, Kayleigh imitated that artists work through an assignment.

Her Grandma Moses Folk Art:

A Norman Rockwell type drawing of people roller skating together:

Flowers the way Georgia O'Keeffe painted them, up-close:

Her imitation Andrew Wythe:

Finally, a painting with dots and a narrow color palette like Roy Lichtenstein:

(I left out the long Jim Davis 4 page comic)

So what is the plan for next year?

The new co-op we are joining does an art project and/or craft each week!

We will continue to use, Discovering Great Artists, at home next year. Our focus will be on artists from the various countries and continents we are studying in Galloping the Globe.

Of course, art projects and crafts seem to continually arise in this house so we'll have a variety from our literature studies and everyday life as well!

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