Friday, May 22, 2009

Wrap Up: Literature

We finished FIAR Book One this year and had fun with it. By the end, we were ready for something else and did a few comprehension activities from Veritas Press' First Favorites.

We focused on setting and main characters this year when discussing the elements of a story. Occasionally, the story lent itself well to a discussion of climax.

While reading, Clown of God, we were able to discuss the climax:

Other stories such as, The Rag Coat, were easier to focus on main characters and setting:

With other books like Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel, K dictated a summary (with help) and drew a picture:

Using First Favorites, we did activities like sequencing:

And of course, we did a ton of fun activities through FIAR that weren't "recorded" in a worksheet! It was a great year!

The plan for literature next year?

Most of our literature will come from our tour of the world using, "Galloping the Globe". The site, Homeschool Share, has some great resources and activities for many of the book titles.

We'll continue with First Favorites by Veritas, using both Volume One and Volume Two.

Read-alouds are continually going on in this house, so we'll keep referring to that Sonlight and Veritas catalog for some good titles!

My goal is to focus on some more elements of a story as well as narration next year. We will have tons of venues in which to do that! Literature is constant around here!

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