Friday, March 13, 2009


We've been learning about the orchestra at Classical Conversations. Musicians have come to perform each week so the children can hear and see various instruments. My girls have heard a violin, a french horn, and a flute, which has been great because piano is the only instrument they are exposed to.

Of course, they both determined that week that they would play the violin, but we are going to give it some time.

Today they had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra! The orchestra offers daytime educational concerts for children for $6.

SIX DOLLARS for a 45 minute orchestra performance! And best of all, the homeschoolers get to sit in the box seats.

So this morning, my children and their daddy sat in the first row of a center box seat to watch a 45 minute orchestra performance. Their daddy was quite excited about it. While the girls loved it, they have no clue how spoiled they were to enjoy the orchestra that way!

What was your favorite part of the performance?

T (age 4): My favorite part was when the flamingo came in and danced.
K (age 6): The dancing.

(yes, they have a story teller, dancers and actors during different pieces to help the children understand the story behind the music)

What was your favorite instrument?

T: The harp.
K: The flute.

They were both excited about the "HUGE harp" and the "HUGE cellos" which K informed her little sister were the double basses.

I am so thankful for the opportunties like this one: A day to enhance their education and spend some special time with daddy!


Meg said...

Oh.MY.GOODNESS!! Audrey would have been at the EDGE of her seat. That's such a wonderful experience!!! So glad the girls got to go.

mom24 said...

Wow - what a cool thing to get to do! But where were the slinkys?? ;-)
I grew up near Baltimore and even got to play with the BSO once - it was a great orchestra!