Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Born Daughter

I am a first born daughter. And I act like one. At least the "typical" image given by textbooks.

It's one reason that I love schedules, organization, agendas, and lists. Remember those gorgeous schedules I created at the start of the New Year? Oh they were so lovely! They were working so well.

But they have a problem.

They didn't take into account teething two year olds, stomach flus, colds, field trips, non-stop interruptions to our routine, surprise events, and many other things that seem to occur daily. Monday seems to be the only "routine" day around here.

So I gave up. I tossed 'em and we just do our work as we can.

But I have a first born daughter. And she misses the beauty of the schedule.

So today, she went to the other room and created one. On her own.

We followed her schedule to the letter and she loved it. It is hanging on the fridge in anticipation for tomorrow.

Oh that first born daughter of mine and I have much in common.


Jolanthe said...

I have one just like this... hee hee

mom24 said...

This cracks me up - especially since I am first born and I too threw out our schedule for this year! LOL!!