Monday, March 23, 2009

Long Winded

K, age 6, is getting more and more excited about writing. She writes notes, lists, and information for us all of the time.

I found this letter the other day sitting on a shelf.

Either that is the longest sentence known to mankind


It's time to begin some simple grammar. Like the use of a period.

It is so much fun to see her writing and spelling develop, with or without periods!

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Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...


That is impressive! Will (also 6) is a fair reader, but has no interest in writing.

I can't wait to have him home. If it wasn't near the end of the year where they are planning a lot of fun stuff (Kindergarten play, field day, etc) I'd probably take him out now. I learned the other day that in AL, a child does not have to be enrolled in any sort of educational experience until they are 7! (That's AL, for ya! HA!)

Anyway, I didn't mean to babble on here. Just wanted to send a quick pat on the back to Mom... you are doing a great job!!! :) So is K, but she already has someone to pat her on the back. :)