Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baltimore National Aquarium Field Trip

I love field trips! It is so much fun to get out in the "real world" and experience things with my children.

Last year my friend, Kim, and I took these four little ones to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

We got to do it again this year with the same four little ones. My our children have grown!

The girls were ready to get started!

Kim and I can't quite believe we were homeschooling mom chaperones! We have known each other since high school and as adults, Kim was my anti-homeschooling friend....LOL!

No trip to the aquarium is complete without a visit to the bubble tubes!

And then you look at tanks. Lots and lots of tanks. First we checked out stingrays.

And then we checked out a ton of fish in all shapes, sizes, and colors!

Our aquarium has a rain forest exhibit on the top level. It really helps to have binoculars so that your kids can try to find the birds who are free flying around the area.

Binoculars are also helpful in the Australia exhibit as there are free flying birds and bats. You are meant to sit and take it in for a little while.

The idea of observing the creatures with her binoculars was right up K's alley! I guess my parents are rubbing off on her. They constantly have her watching birds! It came quite naturally for her to watch the birds...

get excited when she saw one...

And then come to tell me all about it!

Of course, T had gotten tired of that old fashion way of using binoculars. She preferred to make the fish appear FAR away by turning her binoculars backwards.

What fun! They both made it the whole day, but were exhausted by the end.


Jolanthe said... you're making me want to come! :)

DanaSr said...

We'll work on Tricia this summer!

Just Mom said...

OK, I wanna know how you not look tired while pregnant.

mom24 said...

I lvoe this one too! My parents are still near Balt and they buy passes each year just so they can take my kids. THe rays are my favorite but of course, the bubble tubes rock too!