Monday, March 30, 2009

Note Journal

And the notes just keep coming...

(love the squeezed in "Best Mom", which was an afterthought)

And coming...

And coming...

Writing is becoming her constant hobby. If you can't find K (age 6), then she is off writing a note to someone.

And she ALWAYS wants a note back.

So I figured it was time to harness this hobby into a notebook. I took a bunch of her handwriting paper (see last note) and punched holes in it. I put the stack of paper in a folder with the 3 paper clasps and I wrote her the first note introducing our "notebook".

She got up the next morning and found it at the foot of her bed. Immediately she sat at her desk and wrote me back. We have continued with these simple notes this week and it is become such a JOY to both of us.

There is no judgment in spelling, handwriting, or punctuation. But this is truly "school" at its finest!


Just Mom said...

Oh, that is AWESOME!!!

Jolanthe said...

such sweet notes!! :)