Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Staff Luncheon

Every year my hubby makes deviled eggs for his holiday party at work. Everyone takes a break and enjoys lunch together.

My parents cater a pizza or deli meat luncheon for their employees.

My dear friend, Debbie, who went back to teaching preschool this year had a lovely staff party at Carrabbas.

So I got to thinking. I went back to "work" as a teacher this year too! (not that I hadn't been teaching this 3 precious little ones for the first 5 years of their lives) But this year it was official. I was a teacher with a kindergarten student.

I decided that a Staff Luncheon would be a lovely idea!

I called a dear friend and fellow homeschooling mommy and we met for lunch at a local restaurant. (on the day that also happened to be my birthday...nice) We sat over a 3 hour lunch and talked about life, our walk with God, and "work". It was so nice to just chat freely for hours about educating our kids, following God's calling on our lives, and life in general.

No interruptions.


It's gonna be a yearly tradition. And yes, I think we'll plan an end of the year luncheon as well!

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