Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus

Our homeschool bible class had a Happy Birthday Jesus party. We had a great time!

The organizers were faced with a dilemma as they discussed what to do. Most of these kids know the nativity story inside and out. In fact, many can recite it directly from scripture. The organizers really wanted to put a different twist on the party for the kids. They focused on what the kids can give Jesus for Christmas...their hearts. They did a great job!

First, we made ornaments. I was thrilled because I treasure the ones my kids made in the past at preschool. It was so nice to have some homemade keepsake ornaments for this year. The outside of the ornament reads, "What does Jesus want for Christmas?" The "doors" on the front open up and a picture of the child is glued inside.

Then, the children gathered for the Christmas Story. They were each given a character to add to the Nativity scene as the story was being told.

Next, we played an unwrapping gift game. A mystery gift was wrapped in many many boxes, so when the music stopped, the child holding the gift got to unwrap a layer. Inside the final box was the answer to, "What does Jesus want for Christmas?" It was a mirror.

The teacher had planned a Christmas play. Scripts had been emailed and parts assigned. The students took a little while to rehearse while their siblings listened to a story in the other room. K and several other little girls were the heavenly hosts.

K and one other angel had speaking lines. She was so excited!

After singing, "Happy Birthday Jesus", we ate cupcakes which were decorated as presents.

My adorable son didn't want the icing on his hands. He refused to eat the cup cake without a fork! Silly little one.

That is his Poppy with him. I am so thankful that family lives close by and is willing to support our homeschooling activities!

It was wonderful spending time with other kids focusing on the true meaning of the season!

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