Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Better off with me?

This pregnancy has made me feel a bit nauseous and quite tired during the day. Sometimes I worry about the fact the kids are home with me instead of at school with a vibrant, energetic teacher and a room full of other kids.

I try to keep us going in math and reading as much as possible.

But the other day I found myself laying on the floor while the girls were playing. I mentioned math to K (age 6) and she said, "OK, but first I want to do a show for you." She proceeded to use a bunch of little stuffed dogs, some rescue heroes, and her dollhouse to perform a 20 minute self-created narration for T (age 4) and I.

She used phrases such as, "...and the dog scampered up the side of the house," and "He peered into the windows."

I listened to her story telling and her growing vocabulary while I laid there for 20 minutes. God used that time to give me an amazing sense of peace about her being home with me even in the midst of my exhaustion. It was a beautifully creative, imaginative, and fun use of her time.

After that, we continued playing and watched a show.

I decided there would be time for math another day. On that day, we enjoyed the creativity of childhood.

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Momma Roar said...

Yep, that is what it is all about!

In the midst of our little projects this month, we've tossed school out the window and I know we'll be back to where we should be or even still ahead once we start up in Jan. Kids can't *not* just doesn't happen, you know?