Saturday, December 13, 2008

Field Trip: Sharp's Farm

Our Classical Conversations co-op took a field trip to Sharp's Farm - a pilgrim farm in the area. Here we all are...who says homeschoolers don't socialize? *wink

We began with a really neat corn maze. At each choice in the maze, there was a question to answer. You were given two choices as answers, each with a direction of which way to head next. If you got the right answers, you made it through the maze. My girls had a blast with this!

We had some time to feed the animals in between activities.

All aboard for the hayride!

It provided a nice sit down moment for the moms!

We went right through the creek, which the kids loved!

I truly love experiencing these activities and days with my girls! (D - age 22 months - was experiencing a wonderful day with grandma due to the length of field trip)

The day ended with a rotation to various speakers and activities. We learned about the ways of the Indians...

life as a pilgrim...

and about games the pilgrim children played. This last station was the favorite for my kids!

It was a bit long for little T (age 4), but she hung in there until the last speaker. Then she chose to sit outside with me while K (age 6) sat in with group. We had a great day and perfect weather!

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