Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Craft Day

During the holidays I sometimes find myself "concerned" that my kids aren't at school doing all that fun holiday stuff: making crafts, having parades and parties, etc. You know, all the stuff I loved about school! I begin to think they'd be having more fun there then they are at home.

Which could be true some days. But they are home with me, so it really doesn't matter, huh?

SO, instead of wallowing in my concerns, I decided to host a Thanksgiving craft time with some of our homeschool friends. I found two crafts the kids could make and all of the moms brought snacks.

In a effort to get in the spirit, I made Pilgrim Hat snacks. Which is pretty impressive for me because I am NOT a kitchen person. In all honesty, I am not a crafty person which I why I invite friends because that seems to make it more fun and doable.

We started by making the Pilgrim Hat because it was a bit more difficult. The mom's had to do a lot of the measuring, stapling, and taping.

Then we worked on making Indian Headresses. We used paper feathers, real feathers, and sequins to make them sparkle a bit.

Of course there was food involved.

The group tried on their pilgrim hats before leaving.

The final product was worn on Thanksgiving Day.

Without a doubt those are the two cutest Indians girls I have seen around these parts!

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