Saturday, January 10, 2009

Phonics Update - January 2009

I am a bit paranoid about teaching phonics. Afterall, I am a middle school math teacher at heart. I am a fish out of water when it comes to phonics.

This causes me to be a bit fearful about skipping any pages in a workbook. Afterall, what if you missed something really important in there? How would I even realize it? (Which probably explains why I have the Ordinary Parent's Guide, MCP Plaid Phonics B, AND Explode the Code for my child...but THAT is another post...don't worry, I don't make her do them all daily!)

Then at one of my support group meetings, the leader was talking about not frustrating our children by making them do something they know over and over. (I have no clue what got us on this topic) She talked about moving passed pages in workbooks or just skipping things.

It was very freeing to hear and I needed to hear it.

K (age 6) is an excellent reader, yet I feel this necessary compulsion not to skip any page of Explode the Code EVEN THOUGH we are working through the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading as our main phonics program. I have this "fear" of her missing some rule and being damage for good...sigh.

But this conversation encouraged me to get her to a place that makes more sense for her level in Explode the Code, so we post tested OUT of Book Two today. We skipped about 40 some pages to get to the post test, but I felt empowered to do it. (yes people, this was a step out of the comfort box for me...)

And she did an EXCELLENT job on the post test. I took a picture of her post test dictation sentences. By number 4 it was clear that she had it down, so we didn't do the last one because it was optional. (thank goodness I am not "grading" her handwriting on this...LOL!)

I am very proud of her hard work. We'll move on to Explode the Code Book Three on Monday.

I am proud of me too. Yep, feeling more confident in my phonics!

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