Sunday, October 12, 2008

State Dinner Night

One of the goals for the girls this year is to memorize the US states and capitals. We work on five a week and they officially know more than their mommy. This week put me over the edge with several states that I didn't know. (darn midwest....sorry my fellow Missouri residents)

We wanted to have some fun with this, so every Friday night we host a state dinner using recipes from the book, "Eat your way through the USA." The book includes recipes for a entire meal from each US state. A main dish, side dish, and dessert are provided. We occasionally add in a salad or bread to round out the meal.

It's been fun to invite family and friends over on Friday night! I think it's a tradition we'll stick with because it kicks off the weekend with some fun. Not to mention, it forces this non-cook to have some fun in the kitchen.

We have eaten our way through 6 states and must say:

Mississippi - We loved your mud! It was the most decadent dessert yet! Plus, as one who dislikes the kitchen, I had no idea I could make chicken and dumplings from scratch. I was quite proud of that meal and boy was it yummy!

Maine - We are so thankful you produce so much lobster for us! The casserole was delicious!

Kentucky - We don't often eat such artery clogging sandwiches, but boy was my hubby thrilled to eat the Hot Browns. (turkey, bacon, melted cheese on crusty french bread...)

Missouri - Yes, we agree that chili and mac and cheese do go great together. YUM!

New Jersey - Thank you for putting all those summer blueberries to good use. We loved that cobbler.

New Hampshire - While the adults enjoyed the Roasted Corn Chowder, I believe your Orange Juice Cake was the favorite for the kids!

We can't wait to visit the rest of the states. We'll continue our dinners until we run out of dinner options that our family will enjoy.

And since dessert is clearly the favorite part of the meal in EVERY state, we have already determined that when we run out of dinners we will DESSERT our way through the USA!

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