Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Book Recommendations

We are quite busy, but having a ball! I am behind in my updates and may or may not keep up with them. But I did want to pass on two book titles that we have run across and LOVE!

We are doing a poetry unit this week from the site, homeschool share. The entire unit is based on poems from this book. We LOVE this book. My girls adore the poems and didn't want me to stop reading the book at all. We completed most of the book on Monday, but continue to read and reread! They are fun, silly, smart, and PERFECT for younger kids!

We were having a blast reading the poems and then came to a poem titled, "August Ice Cream Cone."



We all cracked up immediately at that little poem. Perfect! (Most are longer) From bubble bees, to city noise, to the beach, this book has it all covered!

Another favorite for the last few weeks has been this book. The Scrambled States of America is hilarious. Basically, Kansas decides that he is bored in the middle of the US and decides to host a party to meet all of the states. At the party, they all decide to switch places, which of course does not work out. The side conversations in this book are hilarious and will keep an adult entertained as well as the kiddos.

Like Nevada asking Mississippi, "How would you like to become Mrs. Sippi?"

Yes, it is dry humor but quite clever. The girls love the story and the silly jokes. We HIGHLY recommend it!

And, as an added bonus, the girls have really learned to recognize the states and their shapes as the states walk around and travel.

Apparently there is a video out there as well, but we have yet to see it.


Johanna said...

YEah, we got the Scrambled states video out at the library....the kids loved it!!

weavermom said...

My library had both - thanks for the recommendations!