Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lentil: Weekly Highlights (9/29-10/3)

A few highlights of our week:

We studied the book, Lentil by Robert McCloskey. In the story, the town decides to celebrate the return of the town's "most important citizen", Colonel Carter.

We used the military connection in combination with our Kids with Purpose Guide to serve the men and women in our military with letters! We talked about how sad it would be to be so far from your family for so long. Then we discussed how great it would feel to get a letter or package. Our KWP guide suggested using the site, Any Soldier, to get names and addresses. It was an excellent, up-to-date site, with great information!

Each of the girls wrote a letter:

T drew herself with the soldiers. I just thought that was so precious...

K's letter:

Then we colored in an American Flag on the back and included photos of the kids:

The girls really enjoyed this. Of course, we hope to get an email or note back, but we explained to them that we might not. The soldiers have a lot of things they are doing to fight for our country and for the freedom of those in other countries.

Definitely a favorite activity so far!

Handwriting. K (age 5) finished the upper case manuscript in HWT. I assume she is doing fine...that's the hard part about that handwriting "average" for kindergarten or is she WAY OFF?

T decided to give it a try:

Art. We discussed horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. (diagonal was on the back)

K really improved her abilities to copy the design:

T (age 4) gave it a whirl as well:

It was a fun week. I feel like we have found a bit of a groove, but continue to work on it each week.


Maria - Kiera said...

That is EXCELLENT for K. We also use handwriting without tears.

Johanna said...

Well, considering T's Handwriting mostly looks like my 5 yo''d say that K is right on! Her HW is beautiful(r us sure she is only 5?):-)!

mom24 said...

That's surely right on for Kindergarten. My 5.5yo dd is not doing as well since penmanship is not her strength. But I know K's looks great! Keep on keepin' on!