Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here's a Little Poem: Unit I (Week 10/6-10/10)

We took a break from our Five in a Row unit studies to spend a week reading and studying poetry. Poetry happens to be a FAVORITE topic of mine, so I was excited to introduce my children to the world of poetry.

We used this unit study from homeschool share and did the first three lessons. The kids had a blast studying rhyme, repetition, and onomatopoeia!

Now I learned onomatopeoia in middle school and remember it to this day because my teacher played us a song about it. I can still sing that song in my head, at least the chorus, so I went on a search for it at the library.

I thought I found it, but was wrong. But it didn't matter because the song I found was GREAT and the girls love it! The Fingernail Fairy CD by Peter McCory has a song called, "Onomatopoeia" and it is AWESOME! If your library has it, it is well worth borrowing during your own poetry unit. My girls will not forget onomatopoeia!

The best part of the week was when K (age 5) randomly wrote her own poem. The girls were playing with GeoTrax and she came in the room and said, "I made up my own poem!"

Clickety-Clack Clickety-Clack
A train goes past.
Clickety-Clack Clickety-Clack
I love to watch the trains.

Not bad kiddo! Fabulous repetition and onomatopeoia.

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