Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baltimore National Aquarium '10

Dear D (age 3),

You came with us on our annual aquarium field trip this year.


I admit it. I was a bit hesitant about bringing you. I knew that you would tire more easily than the older kids. I also knew how much the older kids would learn at their ages and was worried you might distract mommy from them too much.

It’s not that we don’t love you dearly, but you are three years old. And that can be tough.

But here you are, part of the gang!


Of course, being part of a new co-op this year means that a lot more of our friends joined the fun as well! I am thankful there are little boys your age in our crew these days!


Everyone was having a great time together. And you were hanging in there with them!


It was great fun to watch everyone’s delight in finding particular fish or turtles.




But I admit it. I had the most fun watching you. And being with you. And talking to you.

You see, I was so concerned that you might throw a fit or get too tired that I forgot about the joy of a three year old. It was all new to you. And watching it through your eyes was something I am so glad I didn’t miss.


Everything was new to you. And everything was thrilling.


Oh my little boy. I am so so glad you came!


Of course, when we all sat down together at the dolphin show, your sisters leaned over to me…

Oh Mom. I think D is really going to like this!

Look at him. He is so excited mom!

Truly, it brought tears to my eyes. I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to experience moments like this with the three of you together. (and soon, little C will join in) I was instantly reminded me why I am so grateful that you all are home with me.


And yes, you did enjoy the dolphin show!

Then it was off to the jellyfish. They were mesmerizing. There are more pictures on mommy’s other blog.


Your oldest sister enjoyed the day. She loves to learn and to teach!


Your other sister enjoyed the day as well. She loves to look at things from a unique perspective. I am sure she will have lots to teach you as we move along in our studies.


And, of course, you were able to hang out with some other little guys who joined us. I have a feeling these friends will be in your life for quite a few years.


I am so thankful you were with us today D. You are a special part of our classroom and it is truly delightful to watch you grow in knowledge!

Love, Mommy

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Jennifer said...

Three is such a wonderful age!