Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stream of Consciousness...

Because sometimes I forget that it isn't about building their resumes or having the smartest kid in the room...

I homeschool...

to find opportunities to practice compassion together every day

to foster meaningful friendships with their peers

to educate my children so that they see the world as God's see it

to help my children find their God given purpose in life

to make prayer, scripture memory, and time in the Word part of a day's natural rhythm

to model a lifestyle of worship before my children

to leave lots of margin in their lives for creative play, alone time, and exploring

to encourage them in hopes that they will love the process of learning

to strengthen family bonds

to foster meaningful and lasting friendships among siblings

to take vacations in April and September when it is empty and cheap

to create lasting memories of time together rather than apart

to practice and teach what it means to honor others above ourselves

to study and learn about topics together

to get outdoors as much as possible and enjoy God's amazing world

to deepen our family relationships

to train my children to evaluate all things through the Word of God

to teach them how to think so that they won't be told what to think by others

to help them know God in a personal way

to practice the fruits of the Spirit in a safe place

to allow them the opportunity to know baby C (7 months) well

in hopes that all of the knowledge we gain draws us closer to our Creator

and so that I have more time in each day and each week to acheive these goals, yet with a recognition of my full reliance on His work in their hearts and lives.