Monday, August 31, 2009

Kicking off our Geography

Inspired by Jolanthe's blog, four other homeschooling friends and I have created a Galloping the Globe study this year. We will be travelling to Asia, Antarctica, and Europe using a ton of Jolanthe's suggestions.

To kick off the year together, we had a "The Yellow Bus is Not For Us" first day of school party. Most of us had kids who wanted to go off on the bus with their friends, so we wanted to take some time and celebrate our freedom to play instead!

We can't wait to begin the year together, learning about God's people all around the globe.


Jolanthe said...

Ooooo - what a GREAT idea for the start of school kick-off!

And I LOVE the cake!!!

AnnG said...

We always have a "not back to school" park day right after the public schools atart back! We always have a great turn out and it's always so much fun to start our school year off this way!!

Nothing like homeschooling to keep life exciting!

Kim said...

...just too bad we're not that good at the "socialization" thing! :)