Thursday, September 17, 2009


I love the library. I max out my teacher card on a regular basis - 60 books. The overflow goes on my regular card, usually another 10-15 books. It is crazy to keep track of, but somehow we only lost one last year.

I can't help it. I just love a good book.

Of course, what I truly love about modern technology is the ability to request titles from anywhere in the county from my home computer so that they are delivered to my local branch. Then when I get there, they are all waiting for me at the front desk so I don't have to try to find the books that I need with kids in tow.


I also renew them all online, saving me lots of time and late fees! But a book won't renew if someone has requested it, so sometimes I have to dash off and make a return last minute.

That situation occured with a book on Columbus this week. It wouldn't renew, so I took the book back to avoid the fine. We hadn't gotten the chance to read it, but we had read some other ones. So it wasn't a big deal.

One day later I got an email from the library informing me that the Columbus book I had requested was available now.

You know...the one I had just returned.

Apparently I am the reason I couldn't renew it.


Meg said...

Oh how that makes me laugh...out loud!!! :)

Christin said...

love it!! You and your split least you like the same reading material. ;)

Momma Roar said...

I think I would have just taken the fine! LOL!! ;-)

~Ginger said...
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~Ginger said...

I am still lost in the land of the dark where the library is concerned.

I have been quite embarrassed to do anything there except sneak around looking for a book and get out of there. Jenna was just beginning to teach me on our last trip there together before she moved. I was amazed at the new technology. Hmmm, now I am back hiding in my rows of books hoping no one knows how out of the loop I am regarding the ins and outs of library technology.

Laurel said...

That is awesome!!! LOL

I just had to make a special trip to the library today, to return the one book that we left at home on our trip yesterday...and it would not renew because someone had requested it. If we lived in the same county as you, I'd be pointing the blame at YOU. ;)

It was "How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World."

I'm just glad the library is so close to our house!

AnnG said...

Love the library!! It's such a great resourse for homeschoolers!

The fact that you couldn't renew the book because you had a hold on it cracked me up!!

So familiar!!

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