Thursday, August 21, 2008

Geography and History

This year our Classical Conversations group is studying US History as well as the US states and capitals. I have kept that in mind as I have picked topics for our studies each month.

I also elicited the advice of a more experienced homeschool mom. She gave me a great list of "Patriotic Holidays", as she called them, for the younger years.

We intend to study the following historical events/topics during our first semester:

Sept - Johnny Appleseed
Oct - Reformation Day
Nov - Pilgrims and Thanksgiving
December - Advent Season and Christmas around the world

I am going to pull from a variety of websites and library books. Enchanted Learning is one of my current favorite sites for these topics and a lot of other activities.

Each month we will also study two titles from Five in a Row, volume one. We will use the book as the basis for our history and geography that week. We may pull out some of the other great activites as well!

Sept - The Story of Ping; How to bake an Apple Pie and see the world (doesn't that go so well with Johnny Appleseed and apple picking?)
October - Madeline; Lentil
November - The Rag Coat; Who owns the Sun?
December - A Pair of Red Clogs
*I didn't link all of these great titles, but you can type them in amazon to see more.

We are also working on map skills and the memorization of the US statesand capitals.

The memorization of US presidents, the Veritas Bible Timeline, and 24 important events in US History are also part of our memory work at CC this year. We'll see how much we are able to cover on a weekly basis as we follow up at home.

We haven't started these topics yet. September is when we'll kick it all off!

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Johanna said...

Dover coloring books has an awesome state coloring book that has a page for each state. I have my kids color they while I read and introduce the state. They are nice because they contain all the facts and important aspecst of each state on the page. Its an outline of the state as well!
How neat that we are both doing America states/caps! I never memorized them as a kids, so i am learning right along with them!