Saturday, August 23, 2008

The End of the Big Plan: Literature and Science

I am quite fortunate that my kindergartener is able to read. She is actually quite proficient at reading and it makes this year a bit more relaxed.

We are working through the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading, to reinforce her phonics rules. She is also working through the Explode the Code books series. We use it to reinforce her work in the OPG.

I plan to use two stories from Five in a Row each month to study and interact with literature. We have a few good ones picked out that I listed here.

I also ordered the First Favorites Guide from Veritas Press. I have yet to receive it in the mail, but it looked good! I think we'll pick one a month from that guide.

I am working on a list of read-aloud books right now using, "Honey for a Child's Heart," as well as the Sonlight catalog. We are in the midst of the Magic Tree House Series right now, currently on Book 10 - Ghost Town at Sundown. Both of my girls love this series.

Our Classical Conversations group will do a science experiment each week. This year we are focusing on anatomy and chemistry. The experiments look like a lot of fun and during one of the six week sessions, they get to build their body and all its internal organs, etc, using the book, My Body.

Eric, the daddy of the house, will be doing other science activities with the girls. He is focusing on nature journaling and I printed him this excellent post by Kelli! Next week he'll be helping the girls stamp their own nature bags, which we will fill with their supplies: magnifying lenses, clipboard, sketch pads, watercolors, and binoculars.

We purchased the First Nature Readers for CLP to use as well.

Looking forward to the year...that sums up our plan.

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Johanna said...

You will love the nature readers! They are great. That is really awesome that daddy is pitching in, so neat!
Oh, MTH chapter books was what got my Ethan finally able to sit through a read aloud that didnt have pics on every page.