Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Big Plan: Handwriting and Math

Why group handwriting and math together?

Because I am just following a guide for both so there isn't much to say!


We are using Shiller Math and I love it. The lessons are 5-10 minutes each day. The activities are very hands on and build a great foundation. (as far as I can tell) This is our first year with Shiller Math. We did about 5 lessons at a time this summer until we hit K's ability level. We'll begin at lesson 90 this week.

I am glad we didn't skip the first 90 lessons even though they were pretty easy for her. There were some great lessons on True/False; even/odd; and left/right, which she needed. She passed her first review test with flying colors so I am confident she knew the earlier material.

By the way, I was a middle school math teacher pre-children. I love Algebra. Not so much these basics. This is actually kind of hard for me. But the guide is very straight forward and scripted, so it is working for me.


We are trying Handwriting Without Tears this year, but without all the jazzy stuff. I only bought the Kindergarten handwriting guide and some of the practice paper. I am sure the slate boards and wooden pieces are a blast, but they just aren't me. I am pretty business like about handwriting and would rather focus my time elsewhere.

K practices handwriting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I think that is plenty for now. We add in a new letter and review previous ones. She knows most of them, so I think we'll get through the book fairly easily.

I really like the gray blocks used for letter writing. I have already seen a better awareness of letter size and proportion develop in K's writing.


mom24 said...

Algebra was the only math I actually liked! It just seemed to make sense to me. Not so with everythings else - I think because I didn't get a good foundation. I got degrees in engineering but still never felt confident about math!
We use RightStart Math (similar to Math U See) and love the abacus, manipulatives, and games. No drills in K and 1st gr. I struggled teaching K math (I had used something other than RS)and thought it was crazy that I didn't like teaching something that seemed so easy! You have to be working with the program that is best for the student AND you as the teacher so that you are both enjoying and learning - even with the basics.
Looks like a great plan and good progress so far!

Johanna said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE HWOT! ITs such a great way to teach HW. It saved my sanity when i was teaching Ethan how to write.

Jolanthe said...

I have some HWOT worksheets that I made up if you want me to send them to you. :) We're using them with Zachary this year too and I didn't get another book for him. Instead I'm just printing off the ones that I made.

Loving this blog too. It's so much fun to see what others are doing!!


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Mary, I love algebra, too! I had my nephew home schooling here for a year and a half - grades 8 and part of 9 - and loved it so much! algebra is way easier to teach than addition, lol.