Thursday, December 22, 2011

Field Trip: Police Station

We took a trip to the local Police Station with a group of homeschooling friends.  The kids really enjoyed McGruff the crime dog.


We learned about the motorcycle “your parents were so nice to buy me”.


Then we each took a turn sitting on the motorcycle.


Then it was a look at the undercover police cars that “your mom and dad bought us this year” as well as “pay for the gasoline to drive”. 


And while the policeman was talking, the boys began to congregate on the other side of the car.  I have no idea what they were all talking about and looking at, but it was funny to me.  They were examining the car and loving it.


The ONLY time we hope to find D (age 4 – on left) in a holding cell.


Then we learned where you get the “cheap” gas….you know, the one that the tax payers purchase Smile


The kids had a great time.  They immediately went home and made our bathroom into the “holding cell” and played “jail” all day!

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