Monday, October 10, 2011

Our First Science Center Trip

Every year in September, the Maryland Science Center offers $2 admission for homeschool families.  They also offer a variety of wonderful lab classes, IMAX movies and planetarium shows for $5.  Needless to say, we find ourselves at the Maryland Science Center at least twice in September.

This was our first trip.  I had all four kiddos with me on this trip.


Digging for dinosaur bones is always fun.


Our little crew of students hanging out in the dino tracks.


These gals were only a few months old when they met….*sigh 


Ah…the excitement of the bed of nails.


The girls headed to class and I took the boys to the room for kids under 9.  This is one of my kids favorite spots to play in the Science Center.


My favorite part of this trip was watching this fabulous 4 year old boy…


He was playing in the submarine area and had created an entire imaginary game.  He was the ship look out and was watching the electric eels on the screen in front of him.  He was set off the alarm and had gathered some other kids to set into action after his alarm.

He was having such a good time and was devastated when it was time to leave.  I was so heart broken for him that I brought him back the following week, even though my original plan was to only return with the girls on our second trip.


And of course, a certain two year old likes to do what his big brother is doing…


Good fun.  Great day.  We love this trip every fall.

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