Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Studying France

France was our final stop this year. Of course, we went on our week long trip to the beach, so we didn't do a whole lot at home for this study.

We did, however, go to visit Epcot. While there, we talked about France, ate some yummy French food, and took in the sites. THAT was about the total of our study, other then some great books!

Thankfully, our friends planned us an amazing day of fun, so we learned more about France at our get together!

We painted noodles for necklaces, using the Italian colors.

We also built Effiel Towers out of pretzel sticks. The kids used chocolate frosting and had a yummy and lovely time with this idea!

Even little, C, got into it...but without the frosting.

Then we headed outside for the Tour de France. We lined them all up on various moving objects. Some can ride a bike without training wheels, some with, some preferred scooters, and finally there was little D who used his plasma car.

Then we brought 'em all in to eat their Effiel Towers, some cheese, and parfaits.

Another great study!

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