Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Britain

Our study of Great Britain was fun!

It was around the time of St. Patrick's Day, so we enjoyed incorporating that into our study!

We spent a lot of time studying knights and castles. The girls had a great time creating a lapbook about knights and castles. In fact, both girls decided to talk about what they learned in their lapbooks when we gave our presentations.

We created some British officers at our get together:

Then each child made a family shield that represented them.

I love the joy of watching my girls learn together and help one another.

Next it was time for outdoor games. We had a great time with a game called, "Queenie, Queenie." The child in the middle had to guess who had the ball behind their back.

Of course, not everyone wanted to play...

But we continued on with our games, playing a game simliar to chinese jumprope, but with words about the United Kingdom.

Then, it was time for some food...


And just in case you were wondering, the littlest guy was part of the action as well!


Another great country study concluded!

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