Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baltimore Museum of Art

If you take some children to the art museum for a family fun activity, then they might want a pencil and paper to draw.

And if you teach those children clay techniques...

then they might ask for some clay.

And if you give those children some clay, then they will surely make some sculptures.

And when you get home, they'll probably take over the playroom with their own art museum.

And if you let them have the playroom, then they might take over the piano with their sculpture garden.

And if you let them create this museum, then they'll lay out some rules for your visit.

As you look at this museum all week, it'll probably inspire some more discussion and creation of art. So these children will probably beg to return to the museum.

And while there, if you let them view some masterpieces...

then they might want to create their own...

But I doubt it will stop there.

Because they might learn how Matisse "painted with paper" as he got older.

And they'll probably want to try their hand at that too.

And the whole lot of it will probably end up in your house, filling your mantle and covering your walls.

And probably framed in the basement.

Then you'll know, without a doubt, that you are raising artists.

(The Baltimore Museum of Art offers FREE kids art activities every Sunday from 2-4 PM. The schedule is is listed with a different topic each week. Admission to the museum is also free. I highly encourage anyone located in the area to take advantage of these amazing programs! You'll see us for Cezanne in April.)

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