Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kids of Courage

One of our main family goals this year has been learning to love and pray for God's people all over the world! A valuable resource has been the Kids of Courage website and magazines.

We have used the China, India, and Israel (Gaza and West Bank) activity books during our studies and they have been informative, age appropriate and memorable!

Each downloadable activity book/guide is a little different in its set up, but they share basic similarities. They have a brief history of the country, discussions about religion, stories of persecuted families and children, information about language, and activities to make your study of the country a memorable one.

The stories aren't "easy" to hear, but they are told in an age appropriate manner. The activities are fun and created to help you remember to pray for the persecuted church in that country.

I highly recommend these activity guides! We have made use of them to varying degrees whenever we can. My girls still talk about some of the stories we heard and remind me to pray for the people in these countries.

The books have clearly been an effective tool in achieving our family's goal.

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