Saturday, September 24, 2011

Family Field Trip: National Zoo, Washington DC

We kicked off the school year with a family field trip to the National Zoo in Washington DC.  Although I grew up in Maryland, I have NEVER been to the National Zoo.

It was AWESOME!  Big.  Lots of walking.  All uphill.


The students were excited.  Especially enthusiastic was the littlest one who was getting to miss his nap for this day!


And of course, Panda girl, my T was super enthusiastic that this zoo has Giant Panda Bears!


First, we saw the panda indoors.  But since that wasn’t good enough, we promised her another check later in the day.


And thankfully, she got her wish!


The reptile and small mammal houses were absolutely amazing.  I have to say that this zoo was really impressive!


I wish I could describe for you the gleeful squeals of one VERY TIRED C (age 2) as he watched these creatures.  The creature was walking back and forth along the glass and C would watch in amusement…


jump back from the glass laughing…


squealing and giggling with delight…


It was a wonderful day!  Everyone returned home thoroughly exhausted and full of stories to retell.

*HINT:  Folks told me to park at the bottom and then walk all the way up to get started.  Visit the animals on the way down, so at the end of the day you are at the bottom by the car.  The only thing I would change is to have your hubby drop you and the kids off at the top, then park at the bottom, where he can run uphill to the top…because getting the kids to walk up that HUGE, LONG hill without stopping constantly wasn’t easy.  But having the car at the bottom at the end of our long day was wonderful!

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