Friday, December 3, 2010

Walter’s Art Gallery: Meeting Walter Wick

We were so excited about the new Walter Wick display at the Walter’s Art Gallery downtown!  (October 22, 2010) Walter Wick is the writer and illustrator of all of the “I Spy” books, which we love.

We took that day to head to the festival at the museum on the day that Walter Wick would be there to sign his books.  We made it just in time and were able to get three of our books signed!


Then we created 3-D designs and looked at our drawings in 3-D.


Then it was time to see the Walter Wick display in the museum.  Many of his photographs from pages of his well known books were blown up on display.  It was so fun to try to “spy” the objects in the “big page”.  (The objects were listed on the photo description)


It was an interactive display with mirrors set up for creations and peek holes to see how things were done. 

One of the neatest things to see were the actual models that Walter Wick uses to photograph his pages.  About 5 of the 3D designs were on display so you could see what he created first…

IMG_2503 IMG_2507

and then view the matching “book page”…


The 3D display…


The actual photograph in the book…


The girls had a great time trying to find the “I spy” objects in the 3D displays first and then locating them in the pictures.  I really enjoyed that aspect as well.

Finally we attended the art making part of the festival.  The girls had a great time with these box lids.  Each girl was given one large shoebox size lid with three smaller lids, jewelry box size.  Then, available for creation on the table, was a box of “junk”, including buttons, springs, wire, bottle caps, pipe cleaners, packing popcorn, etc. 

Let the imaginations unfold…

IMG_2515 IMG_2523 IMG_2524 IMG_2576

Then the girls used a variety of materials to make, “Jolly Roger Windows”.

IMG_2529 IMG_2532

The day was an absolute blast!  I can’t wait to go back to the Walters Art Gallery again.  They did a wonderful job creating a day of art for the girls!

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