Thursday, November 25, 2010

Studying Nigeria

At our get together time with our friends,  I chose to read, Jungle Drums by Graeme Base while we made it through a transitional moment. 

It was our FAVORITE African tale.  My children loved the illustrations.  It was a cute story with a great lesson.  I will be adding this book to our permanent library!


T (age 6), who adored the book, “Jungle Drums,” wrote an excellent 5 page narration of the story complete with her own illustrations. 


Kayleigh wrote her own presentation this time around, without any help or suggestions.  She wrote a first person presentation as if she was a little girl from Uganda.  (That was the information available in her book)


Next, we created Nigerian huts.  These were the tops of soda bottles wrapped with masking tape and painted brown.


Then Mrs. Colette helped the kids put on a top with raffia.



Our second craft was an African mask made from newspaper and masking tape.  After the kids created these basic shapes, we wrapped them in aluminum foil for masks.  (These would be well created with paper mache as well)


Meanwhile…D and C could be found playing in the other room!  Sometimes they participate, but after painting their huts, D was done this time!


Next we took advantage of the beautiful weather for some African playground games.  Here the head of each line is trying to chase the tail of the other line.

IMG_2441 IMG_2442

A circle game.  At the same time you both jump and put out a foot.  If you put the same, the person in the center has to leave the center.  If you put out a different one, the person in the center gets to stay and keeps going.

IMG_2452 IMG_2453

Classic Hopscotch


And now for an African snack which included a yam bake, plantains, and a cookie.

IMG_2478 IMG_2480


Another wonderful time of learning with friends! 

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