Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Studying Japan

We had a great time studying the country of Japan. Of course, we have been in Asia for awhile, so the unique looking language, difference in culture, and the eastern religions had been covered about as much as I planned to go over them. So while "in Japan", we decided to look at a few other things.

We began with origami. While origami might be the art of paper folding, it was the art of the pounding headache in this house. The girls gave in quickly and so did I on many of the projects. I was so determined to a get a few completed that I found myself folding paper in the middle of the floor one night JUST TO SAY I DID IT. Because I am nutty like that.

Then we moved on to volcanoes, specifically looking at Mt. Fuji. I branched out of my "norm" and we decided to make a volcano lapbook from homeschool share. I am not a lapbook person, but this one looked like the kind of thing you could come back to over and over to learn from. So we did it!

The girls had a great time making them. Of course, they had even more fun playing school with them for the rest of the week!

And we spent the week singing about volcanoes. I still find this song enter my mind sometimes and we all sing along. It is quite catchy and silly!

National Geographic had an excellent video on volcanoes at our library! We loved it! The best part was learning about a volcano is Japan that erupts over 400 times a year. (yes, that is often twice in one day) Families sit and watch the "volcano report" the way we might watch the weather report. They built ashmen (instead of snowmen) in the street and had to spend time shovelling ash the way we might shovel snow. It was quite fascinating!

Finally, we ended with another get together with our friends. This is always our favorite part!

T (age 5) gave a presentation on her favorite book during our study, "A pair of red clogs."

K (age 7) had really enjoyed learning about volcanoes, so she decided to use her lapbook to "teach the group" about volcanoes.

I have no idea where she gets this innate ability to teach...*wink

I am glad we have kept up with presentations this year. They have been a unique way for my children to grow.

Then comes craft time! The kids know that our get togethers mean they are going to probably get messy and make some fun stuff. And of course, it is so helpful to do this because I wouldn't get to these things at home most of the time.

Then there was food! Yummy edamame, noodles, and even homemade Miso Soup! YUM!

Truly, I am so thankful for this group! We have had such a fun year! This is a precious group of adventurous, creative, and fun women!

Last, but far from least, is the great literature we enjoyed! Below are some of our picks. My favorite find was the Eye Wonder: Volcano book! We have gotten hooked on the entire series of Eye Wonder books. They are the perfect reading level for my oldest daughter and we all enjoy the pictures.

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