Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Co-op: An update

The co-op we joined this year is working out to be the perfect fit for our family.

Both girls love their PE, art and music classes! I love that they are able to participate in these activities with other children. After all, playing kickball with just the family isn't quite the same!

Every week when I walk in the gym there is new equipment being used. I have seen scarves, bowling equipment, scooter boards, balls, cones, bases, basketballs, and a ton more. The PE class looks like the girls are being exposed to so many activities and having a blast while doing it.

As a family we have studied the artwork of Claude Monet and Henri Matisse so far this year. It has been a relief to know that it isn't something I have to get done. They do plenty of wonderful art at their co-op, so anything we do at home is a bonus.

Their music class at co-op is the only music they participate in right now, and that is fine for our family. At some point, they will take piano lessons, but for now it is nice to have that subject lifted off of my daily requirements!

Their science classes have been a blast for both of them. I am so thrilled because our science really lacked any "POW" to it last year. Honestly, I had no idea what we were missing until we began science this year. It is by far their favorite subject! Best of all, I don't have to plan the lessons!

T (age 5) has learned so much about God's Creation. We have had a great time doing nature activities during the week when we follow up using her homework assignments. She has studied light and was able to see a dissected cow's eye in class, something her mommy wouldn't do at home for sure...LOL! She has also studied clouds, weather, senses, plants, trees, and rocks.

K (age 7) has taken a HUGE liking to Science this year and I truly believe it is because of this co-op! She is inspired by what she is learning! During her cave exploration unit, she and T made pretend spelunking hats (see picture) and wore them all of the time. We even built a huge "cave" in the basement to explore together. She has also studied the rain forest and volcanoes. Currently her class is studying the earth and rocks. Everything about her science class has captured her mind. We see it all day long in the way she plays.

I am so thankful that these co-op classes have inspired my girls to learn aboout God's amazing planet and His creation!

Both girls enjoy their Language Arts classes as well, though I have to admit that they take second place to science. K learns a different virtue each week. We look up bible verses and complete activities that relate to reading assignments. It has been wonderful for me to have some Language Arts activities already planned for me each week! T works on phonics skills and interacts with literature in class, but hasn't had homework for Language Arts this year.

Overall, I am quite sure we have found our home for a few years! It has been a perfect blend of fostering the joy of learning AND taking some of the burden of homeschool planning off of my plate!

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