Sunday, October 25, 2009

Science Center

Each September, our first field trip is usually to the Science Center. (last year) Free admission is offered to homeschoolers for three weeks! We could spend all day there, but the two year old isn't usually up for it...*wink

Thankfully, my father gladly joins us on one of our trips. This year, his help is the ONLY reason I was able go. And he is the reason that I was able to take some pictures on one of the trips. We even got a group shot, which makes it obvious why I love having help!

The best part of this situation is that my kids KNOW that Poppy comes with us when we go to the Science Center! In fact, as soon as I told them that we were meeting some friends there that day, their first response was, "...but what about Poppy?". I think it is wonderful that they wanted to make sure he'd be there even though their friends were coming!

It is such a blessing to have my parents close by and so willing to be involved with the kids. From a homeschooling perspective, this offers us such unique opportunities for the kids to have great memories with Grandmom and Poppy built into their schooldays! For that, I am so very grateful!

Apparently punishing her on a bed of nails isn't going to be much of a punishment...

Did I mention that it helps that Poppy is such a fun guy?

This is definitely one of the highlights of our school year!


AnnG said...

What an awesome opportunity to spend some time learning with 3 generations of family! What a great Poppy to spend some time on the "bed of nails"! not to mention taking a family photo to document your time there together!! LOVE to do these kinds of things as's always fun because there are rarely others in places like this during the day and we get to have more "one on one" time enjoying and learning all about EVERYTHING!

Ashlyn said...

Ok, I must know where this FREE Science Center is!!!

Can you let me know?
Hugs, Ashlyn

Ashlyn said...

Oh, goodness, nevermind. It was on your last year's post. Lol

Maryland Science Center....Sadly, that's a little too far away for us.

But I'm very happy to find out that an educational place is acknowledging homeschool educators and allowing them to bring their 'students' for free!! Kudos to them!!
Hugs, Ashlyn